Clinic Plus Strength & Shine With Egg Protein Shampoo


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About the Product

Clinic Plus believes that a mother must always raise her daughter to be strong, so she has the ability to realize her potential shine in her own way no matter what challenges she may face. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering both in life, and when it comes to hair as well. Hair can only grow and shine when it is strong from within. This is why Clinic Plus shampoos are imbibed with ingredients that nurture hair strands to give girls strong hair that shines just as much as they do. When it comes to hair care solutions, eggs are a time-tested favourite. They are rich in proteins that are known for their hair care benefits. Experience these benefits and get healthy hair that shines with our Clinic Plus Egg Protein shampoo, infused with the goodness of egg protein. Its formulation with the richness of egg protein are essential for shiny, healthy hair, makes hair more resistant to damage and nourishes it from the inside out. Say goodbye to weak hair with the unique Clinic Plus Egg Protein shampoo that gives your hair the strength to shine from root to tip.

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340Ml, 175 Ml, 80 Ml

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