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The Lifebuoy Total Soap Bar offers complete germ protection for you and your family. It is Worlds No. 1 selling germ protection soap. It is powered with Activ SILVER, one of natures most powerful ingredients that helps fight infection-causing germs. So give your family 100% better germ protection with Lifebuoy soap. Bathe regularly, that is, wash your body often after intervals that suit you with Lifebuoy soap with Activ silver which gives you protection from 10 infection causing germs. It has been proven that handwashing can help avoid numerous illnesses, it is one of the most effective ways of preventing you and your family form common illnesses, which are usually caused by invisible germs. These invisible germs on your hand enter your body while eating food and then may cause stomach infection. Using Lifebuoy soap, to wash your hands every time before eating, helps remove these germs and hence stay protected from illnesses causing germs. Buy Lifebuoy Total Soap Bar in its pack of 4, now! It is available in 4 variants: Total 10, Care, Nature, Lemon fresh variants. Also available in the following pack sizes: 125g single bar. Also try Lifebuoy Superfast HandWash which gives you 99.9% percent germ protection in just 10 seconds (as per lab test and on indicator organism). Features and Bullet Points • Lifebuoy Total comes with power of Activ Silver • Best ever protection from 10 infection causing germs • Have clean, soft skin & a germ-free bathing experience with Lifebuoy Total germ protection soap bar • Worlds No. 1 selling germ protection soap • Approved by Royal society of Public health • Also available in Lemon Fresh, Care & Nature variant

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125 Gm x 8, 125 Gm x 4, 125 gm, Rs – 10

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