Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner 500 Ml


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llKeep your home fresh and germ-free with Lizol. Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner contains a distinctive formulation that kills 99.9% germs and gives 10 times better cleaning and germ protection than standard phenyls, keeping the whole house cleaner, shinier and germ-free. We are constantly exposed to micro-organisms. Exposure to bad germs can cause food poisoning, diarrhea and other kinds of sickness in individuals. The best way to fight them off is Lizol.

Lizol floor cleaner saves you from harmful germs whilst keeping you and your home clean. So, practice good hygiene and cleanliness with Lizol that will prevent these problems. Lizol disinfectant surface cleaning liquid can be used either directly or diluted. For light soiled areas you should clean with Lizol mixed with water, whereas, for heavy soiled areas it can be used without any dilution. Lizol takes complete care of your family by keeping your kitchen, bathroom, floor and furniture clean. The product is available in 8 different fragrances and is perfect for floors, tiles, sinks, kitchen counters and all other washable surfaces in your home.


Lizol Citrus Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Lavender Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Floral Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Sandal Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Neem Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Pine Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Pine Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Lizol Jasmine Disinfectant 10X Surface Cleaner

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