Ruchi Instant Biryani Mix (300gm)



The culinary art of Traditional warm Aroma…A perfect savory mix…for quick ‘n’ convenient cooking.

A perfect blend of Real Basmati Rice and aura of biryani with highest quality spices and dehydrated vegetables has led us develop RUCHI’s Royal Touch “Instant Biryani Mix”.

Basmati Rice is known for its taste, fragrance and size. RUCHI has taken the effort to select the long grain Basmati rice with the typical aroma of Basmati. The unique flavour of Basmati rice has been identified as 2-Acetyle-1pyroline. After various R&D procedures, the experts have found that this compound is more actively produced when the cultivars are exposed to cool weather conditions during ripening, Hence we choose those Basmati rice grains where temperature is relatively cooler (25 degree Celsius in day time & 21 degree Celsius at night) during crop maturity for better retention of aroma.

Another main constituent of our product is dehydrated vegetables. The selection of dehydrated vegetables is based on various test conducted by our highly qualified Quality team. Their supervision starts from the field/farmlands right from the procurement of the raw material and conclude in the finished product marketing.

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